124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Surprising golf accessory: "Grandpa, is that a cloth Kleenex?"

April 24, 2014

By David Owen__

__One of my wife's nieces visited us for Easter, and I reminded her that when she was 11 she saw her grandfather using a handkerchief and asked, with astonishment, "Is that a *cloth *Kleenex?" A couple of years ago, I myself became a cloth-Kleenex-user, especially while playing golf, and especially during allergy season -- which for me is pretty much every season. As a result, I've stopped blowing my nose on my golf towel and wiping it on my rain gloves, among other behavior upgrades.

Recently, I found some inexpensive cotton handkerchiefs that I really like. They're called Umo Lorenzo (of all things), and on Amazon you can buy them for $12 a dozen, including shipping. I try to remember to put at least one in my pocket before I leave for the golf course, and I keep a few more in my golf bag, in case I forget. The other day, I accidentally dropped one near a green, and Tim picked it up, very carefully, by pinching just the tiniest end of one corner, and gave it back to me.


The handkerchiefs in my golf bag I keep in a small food-storage container made by a company called Lock & Lock. I learned about Lock & Lock containers a few years ago from a guy I used to play bridge with, and my wife and I now have two or three dozen, in many sizes. They're so watertight and airtight that geocachers use them to geocache stuff in. (If anyone ever accuses you of playing a dumb game, tell them about geocaching.) I keep three handkerchiefs in an 11-ounce one; two range-finder batteries, two camera batteries, and a glasses screwdriver in a 6-ounce one; and some Band-Aids, a jar of Advil, a tiny thing of Purell, and a microfiber glasses-cleaning cloth in another 6-ounce one. The containers are heavier than Zip-Lock bags, but not a lot heavier -- the smaller ones weigh just 2.3 ounces each, empty -- and they last forever.