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Did Donald Trump copy his hairstyle from nature?

We played Spyglass and Pebble last Sunday, at Maggie McFly's. Here’s Mike B., holding the stick for me on the second green at Pebble:  The weather had been so bad that playing anywhere but on...
Friday, 1/30/2015 at 5:20PM
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Is this idea so crazy that it just might work?

Not long ago, I received a promotional email from a golf course my friends and I have often played during the winter, called Lyman Orchards. That got my hopes up -- but the email wasn't...
Saturday, 1/24/2015 at 11:20AM
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Golf among the zebras: reader's report from Kenya

Jeff Mwangi is a reader in Nairobi, and, starting today, he is the official East Africa correspondent of this blog. He took up golf two years ago, at the age of 40. That’s him in...
Friday, 1/16/2015 at 8:45AM
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2 golf-trip travel tips

Tip No. 1: If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s intrusions of light and noise into hotel rooms in which I’m trying to sleep. I felt angry and exasperated recently when I realized that the...
Friday, 1/9/2015 at 9:20AM
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Reader's Trip Report: Ballybunion in winter

Dan Tani, an American reader, joined Ballybunion as an overseas member in 1998, when the cost was next to nothing.Two years later, he married a woman from Cork, and so now he's obliged to visit...
Wednesday, 1/7/2015 at 3:00PM
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Beating the snow, plus exclusive footage of a rare 86-stroke penalty

The forecast for Sunday was terrible, but the one for Saturday was pretty good -- “snow and ice, then rain; fog” -- so we shifted our Sunday game to Saturday.There were several guys standing around...
Sunday, 1/4/2015 at 11:21AM
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Can ski gloves cure the yips? How to dress for sub-freezing golf

On New Year's Day, 15 of us played the Red Course at the Wheel. The temperature was 20 when I woke up and 25 when we teed off, and it never got to more than...
Saturday, 1/3/2015 at 8:29AM
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Late-December bonus days

On the Saturday after Christmas, the weather was so mild that a couple of courses in our area reopened. Joe, Mike B., Todd, and I played at Candlewood Valley Country Club, about 20 minutes from...
Thursday, 1/1/2015 at 9:31AM
David Owen
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Golf-gear innovations from a U.S. Marine

Mike Shelley spent five years in the United States Marine Corps. Among the pieces of equipment that he and his buddies found indispensable were slender lengths of nylon kernmantle rope, known popularly as 550 cord,...
Wednesday, 12/31/2014 at 4:37PM
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Major breakthrough: a better way to watch golf on TV

My wife’s college roommate’s son got married recently. Before the wedding, he and his fiancee were interviewed at length for an episode of a reality show called Something Borrowed, Something New, on the television network...
Saturday, 12/27/2014 at 6:27PM
David Owen,
Jim Furyk
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