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Super Bowl LIII: Watch Sean McVay rattle off three key plays he ran in high school (!) with ease

It's no secret that Sean McVay has an incredible photographic memory. The football world learned about it way back in September, before the L.A. Rams went 13-3 and eventually made the Super Bowl, when a Bleacher Report video of McVay rattling off random plays he's called in his career went viral. And the plays he was questioned about weren't just ones from his first year in L.A. He was also asked about plays he called during his time as Redskins offensive coordinator. This was a walk in the park for the wunderkind, preferably a speed walk to the next Oklahoma drill:

That didn't look all that challenging for the 33-year-old, who already has two playoff appearances, an AP NFL Coach of the Year award and now a Super Bowl appearance under his belt. On Monday, local Fox Sports reporter Justin Felder decided to up the ante by going to McVay's old high school coach and picking out a few key plays from his playing days at Marist School in Atlanta. He then brought some cut-ups of the plays to Super Bowl media day at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and asked McVay if he remembered the particular plays before revealing the answers. Before Felder could even finish his questions, McVay was reliving the glory days with relative ease:

The haters will tell you that this is not all that uncommon for football savants such as McVay, and they may have a point. Earlier this month we showed you the video of Nick Saban recalling a play he ran when he was 15 years old, and that dude is 67 now. So yes, maybe this should be second-hand nature for guys like McVay, but for those of us who can't recall if they had scrambled or poached eggs this morning, this is still pretty damn impressive. Anybody tired of hearing about Sean McVay yet? It's going to be a longgggg 20-25 years of watching the NFL for you then.