Study shows golf fans are angriest sports fans on social media. Water also wet


Ben Jared

These days, it's extremely difficult to find positivity anywhere on social media. The sky is falling, we're all going to die, and if you disagree with me, we cannot be friends. This has even bled into the sports world, where wrong opinions are treated like criminal acts.

This is very prevalent on Golf Twitter, where an innocent take can be met with vitriol and ridicule usually reserved for political discussions. Anyone who spends enough time on Golf Twitter can attest, and we probably didn't need a study to confirm just how angry golf fans on that godforsaken app are. 

But, thanks to a study conducted by, it's now officially official: golf fans are the angriest on social media, bar none. The study, which used BuzzSumo to analyze social media reactions to determine which sports fans reacted in which way on the platform, found that golf fans are by far the angriest of all the sports, with 42 percent of all tweets about golf being classified as an "angry comment." 

According to the study, no other sport even eclipses the 30 percent mark in angry comments. The next closest is the NFL with 28 percent of all reactions being classified as "angry." 

The study also analyzed which sports gets fans hearts racing the most, and, not surprisingly, golf ranked second-to-last, just behind Darts and barely ahead of cycling. Essentially, golf fans are angry and watching the sport doesn't even excite them that much. Sounds... miserable. Anyway, what time does coverage of the Arnold Palmer Invitational start this Sunday?