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I don't want to say Nick Faldo is spreading himself too thin, but last weekend he showed up to adjust my satellite dish. Stu Schneider

Golf World Editor Geoff Russell has written a touching tribute to Stu Schneider in View from the Bunker, now up on Golf World's site.


(Stu, right, and his best man, Geoff, on his wedding day in 1995)

Russell discusses Stu's role in two of the best-read departments in Golf World.

Stu's column, "TV Rewind," quickly became one of Golf World's best-read departments, especially at the TV networks. It was a complicated assignment. TV officials--like pro golfers and, for that matter, magazine editors--don't take kindly to criticism, especially from an outsider. Also, my wife, Molly, happens to be a producer for NBC Sports. This put Stu in the unenviable position of both fending off charges of favoritism towards NBC and having his slightest mistakes (like confusing the roles of a director and producer) pointed out by the boss's wife. But Stu navigated the currents, skillfully and fairly.

Stu acquired another assignment. "Front 9," the snarky little column that usually appears on this page, had become stale under its previous writer--who happened to be me. His first week at Golf World, I sent him a draft of "Front 9" for a little "polishing." I did it again the second week. The third week, I fired myself and promoted him to the job...

I can think of no greater void on earth right now than the one in the lives of Linda, Matthew and Ben. Farther down the list of those impacted by Stu's death are his teammates at Golf World. Finding a new TV critic will be hard--who else wants to watch 20 hours of golf coverage every week? Meanwhile, I guess I'll go back to writing "Front 9."

A New York Memorial Service is planned for Stu next week on the course he loved most. Details:


THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2007, 4:00 PM



The service is located behind the clubhouse that contains the Carlyle on the Green Restaurant.

—Bob Carney