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Still Fixing the Fed Ex Cup

October 31, 2008

Ernie DeGraff of Fortuna, CA, God love him, is still working on the FedEx Cup. He responds to a Bunker item in the current Golf World issue that talks about drooping ratings and the networks' desire to have the Tour fix things. I think Ernie's come up with a pretty exciting finish:


To guarantee that a winner is determined in the Tour Championship and on the last day, the Tour can establish the field for each of the big three tournaments preceding the Tour Championship using the top FedEx Cup points list. The Tour Championship should consist of the top 32 players in FedEx Cup points. At the BMW Championship just prior to the Tour Championship, if there is a tie for 32nd in points (unlikely), have a playoff to determine the 32nd player. At the start of the the Tour Championship, all points are removed, and the "cut" for each round is 1/2 the field. If there is a tie, i.e. for 16th, 8th, or 4th, there is a sudden-death playoff. The final round of the TC would include the top 4 players, and the winner would be the FedEx Cup champion. Simple, isn't it!


I like it, Ernie.

--Bob Carney