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Steve Smith telling DJ Moore 'I'm going to slap the sh-t out you' if he didn't have a good fantasy week is peak Steve Smith

On Tuesday night, the HBO hit series "Hard Knocks" returned with this season's featured team, the Oakland Raiders, and it did not disappoint. Because I'm such a great guy, and I know many of you have not watched yet, I won't spoil anything. All I'll say is these two words: Guy Fieri. OK, two more words: John Madden. If you're not rushing to your HBO GO account to watch right now, I feel sorry for you.

As good as the opening episode was, and as good as the rest of this season promises to be, there might be no singular moment that tops the one produced by Steve Smith in the Amazon series "All or Nothing," which, like "Hard Knocks" closely follows an NFL team, the difference being that "All or Nothing" chronicles an entire regular season, rather than training camp. The other difference is it chronicles the 2018 Panthers season.

For the fourth edition of "All or Nothing," Amazon followed the Carolina Panthers, a team that went through some serious struggles a season ago, finishing third in the NFC South and missing the playoffs with a 7-9 record. Amazon, like Netflix, released all the episodes at once on July 19, allowing viewers to binge watch at their convenience. Because of that, many of the show's best clips are just taking off on social media. The best one we've seen so far was this moment between Smith, quarterback Cam Newton and wide receiver DJ Moore, who was a rookie last season. Smith, a Panthers legend who was out at practice one day, asked Newton if he should start Moore in fantasy that week. The best part? He asked him in front of Moore:

"You give me two points Ima slap the sh-t out you" is quite possibly the most Steve Smith quote in the history of Steve Smith quotes. Sure, it sounds like he's joking, but he more than likely did slap the sh-t out of Moore if Moore had a rough week, whichever week that was. Just ask Michael Irvin, who once made fun of Smith's pants live on air, only for Smith to threaten to whoop his ass when he saw him:

If you notice, Irvin at first tries to laugh it off, then immediately apologizes, because he knows Smith is 100 percent serious. We hope for Moore's sake that he produced that week, and chances are he did. As a rookie, Moore finished with 55 receptions for 788 yards and a pair of touchdowns. John Brown, who Smith was considering starting, had 42 catches for 715 yards and five touchdowns. If it was a PPR league, Moore was the better option to start. By the way, whoever is in a league with Smith has a legitimate gripe to take up with the league's commissioner. Like Newton said, this is insider trading. Smith's not playing fair.