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Steve Kerr is so '[expletive] tired of Draymond' Green, according to lip readers



For those who haven't been following, Steve Kerr's Golden State Warriors have hit another mini skid in the last month. Over their past 10 games they are 4-6, and three of those losses have surprisingly come at home. Oracle Arena, normally a fortress, has been anything but this season, as the Warriors have lost 10 games there, third most among Western Conference playoff teams. After Sunday night's home loss to the lowly Phoenix Suns (who had lost 18 straight to Golden State, mind you), Klay Thompson said that the team needs more energy from the home crowd, and also called it the "worst loss of the season."

Could there be ... wait for it ... trouble in paradise ?!?!? We know better than to make those claims, something we've done on numerous occasions this year only for the Warriors to promptly remind us they are the Warriors. They've managed just fine between the Kevin Durant drama, Steph Curry missing time with injury, a four-game losing streak (gasp!), etc. And I'm sure they'll be just fine after this Suns loss, which included a moment that everyone will overanalyze just like everything with Golden State this year. Late in the game, with the Warriors down five and running out of time, Kerr could be seen on camera stating that he was "so f---ing tired of Draymond's [Green] shit," according to lip readers. Have a watch:

Here's the "full video" which is just a few extra seconds and includes the "shit" part at the end:

It's not clear what Green did that irked Kerr, as the game went to commercial. Also, there is nothing in the play-by-play on that jumps off the page at that moment in the game. No foul, no technical foul or even a missed shot from Green at that point in the game. But as we've seen with Draymond over the years, the "shit" Kerr is tired of could be literally anything. It's part of what makes Draymond great and also part of what makes him incredibly annoying to opponents and opposing fans. Again, the Warriors will be fine, especially considering this "skid" came after a stretch that saw them win 16 of 17, but we'll take any drama we can get from Golden State. Anything to indicate that maybe another team has a chance this season. Unfortunately, these Warriors are just like the New England Patriots. No matter how hard we try to kill them and look for things that aren't there, they are still going to win the whole thing.