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Stephen Curry meets up with Jordan Spieth, reveals how many shots he'll get this summer

March 19, 2016

Stephen Curry made six three-pointers and scored 31 points. The Warriors blew out another team. In other words, it was a pretty normal night for the reigning NBA MVP -- except when it came to who he talked with before the game.

Dallas native Jordan Spieth was on hand to watch his Mavericks become Golden State's latest victim. But despite Curry playing for the visiting team, the two enjoyed a pre-game chat:

Unfortunately, it's tough to hear exactly what they were talking about. But you can hear Spieth say, "Alright, I won't hold you up," before the two go in for a bro hug.

And it seems golf did come up. Afterward, Curry posted this photo of the two, currently the best players in their respective sports -- and yes, Under Armour buddies -- with the following caption:

Curry checked in at No. 12 in Golf Digest's recent ranking of top pro-athlete golfers with a 1.2 handicap. We agree with him that five shots from the World No. 1 sounds a bit low, but we're glad to hear a match between these two stars and Golf Digest cover boys is in the works.