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Start your week right with this play by play announcer giving commentary on everyday activities

March 23, 2020

As we have seen over the last few weeks, it's impossible to fully take sports away from athletes. Even if our superstars can't play their respective sports at the moment, they're using that energy for other athletic endeavors. Lionel Messi is juggling toilet paper, Brooks Koepka is learning how to win a major with the opposite hand and OJ Simpson is still out there hitting the links.

The people we haven't given enough time to are the announcers. What does an individual do when one's livelihood, hobby and world is snatched away? In freelance rugby commentator Nick Heath's case, you don't stop play-by-playing. Nick may not have rugby at the moment, but he does have all of life to break down instead.

As you can see and hear, Heath has taken his calling outside of the stadium and into the real world for maximum comedy. The man has a voice for the ages and it would be a shame if it was silenced. If you're in London right now trying to live a bit of a life during this tumultuous period, there's a chance you're about to go viral.

There's always something mundane that deserves the play-by-play treatment and now that Heath has a bit of free time, he's using his talents to maximum effect.

We don't know about you, but we wish we had a Nick Heath in our lives right now giving us our own personal play by play. Someone to help us properly celebrate when we write a good post or successfully make a sandwich in between Zoom meetings. It would be both exciting and also probably drive us insane. On a related note, remember "Stranger Than Fiction"?