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Stack & Tilt Season II

February 13, 2008

Randy Roth of Des Moines, now buried under two feet of snow, nonetheless kicks off Stack & Tilt, Season II, with this gusher. That's not making fun. I love it when golfers "find it." And he has:


I'm guessing you are receiving many testimonials on the "Stack and Tilt" swing as promoted by Andy Plummer and Michael Bennett. Here's mine. I've played golf fairly casually for decades (I'm 51) but have been working at it much harder with books, magazines, videos, lessons and range sessions for last several years. In the last two years I started breaking 100 consistently. However, my full swing still felt maddeningly inconsistent (my short game is decent). After reading your > June and > September 2007 issues, I decided to give "S & T" a try. After four range sessions I headed to Florida for Christmas break. Playing the Bobby Jones British course in Sarasota on a windy December 30th, I shot a 91 - my lowest score ever by 5 shots! (Some credit to my new Callaway Big Bertha 460 driver as well). The swing still feels new and a bit unnatural but I'm hoping for even better results this spring after more range time.

My request? More "S & T" coverage of course! I'd love to see your normal fold out, with multiple views in many positions, of some player who uses "S & T." Another article by Plummer and Bennett would be great, especially one with more pix, tips, swing thoughts and DRILLS. I'd also be interested in a comparison of clubhead speed between "S & T" and "modern" swing players or any other comparison data.

Kudos for stirring the pot by running those two articles.......

Randy, thanks. There's a lot of news to come from the Stack & Tilt camp in the next couple of months, and, I expect, more players to adopt it. You'll also see more in Golf Digest.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: J.D Cuban)