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August 30, 2007

Have you driven a Plummer lately?

Unbelievable!! Asking the other golf teachers what they think about Stack and Tilt is like asking Chevrolet what they think about Ford!!!  "Well they make a pretty good car, but if you want a real car...."   I thought I would at least see some opinions from the 20 or so tour players who have switched to the new swing.  How about it?  Let's see how their game has actually changed , along with some stats to back it up. Now that would be something we could bank on. Thanks, faithful reader Chuck Sawyer , Howe Indiana.

Good idea, faithful reader. Both Aaron Baddeley and have talked about the switch, their stats have improved, and writers like, who follow them, have commented. But the idea of packaging that is good. I'm on it.


We're also in the business of helping average players' stats and we've plenty of feedback there, in our forums, in the Golfwrx forums, and on the Geoff Shackelford blog. No shortage of testimonials, with a smattering of, "It hurts my back..." Here's the latest, pretty typical, letter from Brad Dovichak of Wilmington, North Carolina.

I read your article in June about Stack & Tilt. I found it interesting and started working on it. I hit my irons more solid but higher and a little shorter. With my woods I had mixed results. In your > September issue you had another article but this one had a hip slide that was not mentioned in the first article. I am working on this but have already had a huge improvement. More practice will hopefully equal more consistancy.Consider another article on the short game with Stack & Tilt and a refining of hip slid and maybe some drills.

Great idea on the short game Stack & Tilt. Thanks.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: J. D. Cuban)