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St. Louis Cardinals coach makes two holes-in-one before playoff game, proves Cardinals aren't totally inept at scoring

October 14, 2019
MLB: OCT 04 NLDS - Cardinals at Braves

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The St. Louis Cardinals are in serious need of offense. They might want to look to their pitching coach for help.

That would be Mike Maddux, brother of Greg and owner of one of sport's finest mustaches this side of Gardner Minshew. Maddux is considered one of the better arm whisperers in the bigs, serving in that capacity for four teams since 2003. While his pitching staff has held up its side of the bargain in the team's playoff series with the Washington Nationals, the bats have not: The Cards became the first team to be no-hit through five innings in consecutive postseason games.

So with St. Louis fans seeking a sign of hope, it is Maddux who has turned into a talisman of sorts thanks to ... his round of golf.

For those scoring at home, Maddux has more aces than the Cards have runs this series.

However, coaches have been known to, ahem, adjust the truth to fire up their clubs. Though Maddux seems closer to "Crack Miller Lites and discuss air travel in the '80s" rather than "Concoct false stories about Vietnam heroics" on the baseball coaching spectrum, this line gives us slight pause:

As the owner of four aces, I say with complete confidence you don't get "used to it." Hell, Gary Player made his 31st hole-in-one at the Masters Par 3 Contest a few seasons back and celebrated like he just won the green jacket at 82.

Then again, one of the unwritten rules of baseball is acting like you've been there before, which in Maddux's case is six times.

Whatever the case, congrats to Maddux. The way this series is going, you have plenty of golf in your near future.