Let It Snow

File “snowmen at St. Andrews” as something we’ve never seen before

February 24, 2022

The United Kingdom is far from tropical. How many Open Championships have you seen with guys bundled up in sweaters in the dead of July? Case in point. It’s often cool, more often wet, but one thing it doesn’t see nearly as much as the cold-weather golf climates of North America is snow. Thus, on the rare occasions when the white stuff does fall and stick, it always creates quite the spectacle, as it did on Thursday when St. Andrews Links—AKA The Home of Golf—was forced to close its seven courses due to snow.

Bummer, especially for those who traveled halfway across the world for the once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage. Rather than let it get them down, however, a few intrepid golfers—including Matt Ginella of the Fire Pit Collective—decided to make the most of it the only way they could:

By building snowmen.

We’ve seen St. Andrews and far more southern-lying courses blanketed in snow before, but we can’t recall seeing snowmen, especially not perched on one of the most iconic stretches of grass in golf. Now it’s safe to say we’re all done with winter at this point. Spring fever is in full fling and no one would complain if they didn’t see another frost until Thanksgiving, but if this is the last (and lasting) image of the season, I think we can live with that.