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Someone just put an insane amount of money on a Super Bowl prop bet

January 31, 2020

David Eulitt

The beauty of betting on the Super Bowl is there's something for everyone. Can't decide which team to back in the Big Game? Bet on the total! Can't decide if it's going to be a barnburner or a snoozefest like last year? Take some prop bets! You don't even have to like football to bet on how long Demi Lovato will take to sing the National Anthem. Just make sure you check to see if Brent Musburger has any inside info first.

Anyway, one gambler really, REALLY liked one Super Bowl prop bet enough to risk more than a quarter MILLION dollars, according to Action Network's Darren Rovell. The bet? That Kansas City Chiefs running back Damien Williams will have less than 53.5 rushing yards in the game. The wager? $267,600 to win $224,600. Good gravy.

Brent, any thoughts? Wait. . . Brent, is that you?!

Not surprisingly, this is the biggest Super Bowl 54 prop bet by far. At least, so far:

As Rovell points out, Williams has only gone over 53.5 yards rushing three times in 13 games this season. Mostly because the Chiefs don't run too much with Patrick Mahomes at quarterback. Although, Mahomes does his fair share of running and I love him going over 30.5 yards. Just saying.

But, of course, Williams could go way over that total with one carry as he did during Week 9 when he busted loose for a 91-yard run. In any event, this mystery gambler certainly has reason to watch every play when KC has the ball and that kind of action is worth every penny. Well, probably not 26.7 million pennies, but you get the point.