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How Brent Musburger routinely turns one Super Bowl prop bet into an actual LOCK

January 23, 2020

As the old saying goes, it's not gambling if you always win. Of course, that old saying is ridiculous. Unless you're talking about Brent Musburger and one specific Super Bowl prop bet.

The legendary sports broadcaster and gambler—his signature phrase, "You are looking live," was a conscious heads up to bettors everywhere—joined Jimmy Traina on this week's Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. And boy, did he tell quite the tale about having insider info on the over/under wager for how long the National Anthem takes. Have a listen to this short clip:

Brent! You sly dog!

As Musburger notes, Vegas sports books are way too smart to leave themselves open to that. But good for him finding a sneaky edge with some offshore sites. I'd expect nothing less from a guy who appeared as himself in Rocky II. What a legend.

By the way, Demi Lovato is singing the Anthem before the Big Game next Sunday in Miami and the over/under is two minutes. So Brent, let us know when you get a scouting report. Thanks.