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Someone get Allen Iverson a cup of coffee please

There was a special guest at last night's HOT HOT HOT Eastern Conference matchup between the Charlotte Hornets and the Philadelphia 76ers: Allen Iverson, A.I., The Answer—a man who needs no introduction nor qualifier nor damn glass of water. Sitting in the front row buried beneath a dark pair of sunglasses and a blacked-out Yankees cap (sorry Phils fans), Iverson had to know a sideline interview was coming his way, but that didn't stop him from (over) indulging just a bit. Check it out:

Now we don't want to leap to any conclusions here, but I think it's pretty fair say that A.I. is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING HAMMERED, doing all he can to say awake on live TV after presumably rolling up to stadium straight off a 36-hour Myrtle Beach bender. Highlights include Iverson sounding off the current 76ers team—" I love my guys, I love my little dudes, they my little guys"—what brings him to Charlotte—"I live here"—and perhaps the drunkest moment of them all, saying that Sixers have enough to be competitive (mostly true) LIKE THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN (very, very false).

Of course, anyone who knows anything about Iverson knows he has lived a tough life, so let's hope this video is simply a funny one-off moment, not a larger trend for the former MVP, but for now we will cautiously laugh and hope for the best.