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Somebody wants to sell you Bernhard Langer's 30-year-old golf bag for $55,000

February 24, 2016

Just because something is rare doesn't necessarily mean it's valuable. Or at least as valuable as a seller thinks.

Case in point?

An, er, optimistic eBay seller from Germany has listed a group of Bernhard Langer's personal items from the 1980s -- a red Spalding tour bag and two sets of adidas shoes -- for the triumphant price of $55,000.

That's more than a third of what Langer earned for winning the 1985 Masters -- about when he would have been rocking out in those shoes -- and $20,000 more than it would have taken to buy Ben Hogan's personal set of irons. Things might be more expensive in Germany thanks to the VAT, but still...

One thing working in the seller's favor? Langer's Reagan-era gear isn't noticeably out-of-step with his contemporary Bogner stuff, with the exception of a few different logos.