News & ToursApril 15, 2014

Some woman was crazy enough to let John Daly hit a golf ball out of her mouth

By Alex Myers

On Friday of the Masters, the most impressive golf shot may have come from someone not in the field at Augusta National.

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That day John Daly tweeted a video of him hitting a golf ball that was teed up in a woman's mouth. "Don't try this at home! #MastersWeek #TeeitHigh #GripitandRipIt" Daly wrote -- after trying it himself, of course. Here's the clip:

This is nothing new for Daly. Last year, he hit a golf ball out of a guy's mouth in a dark Nashville parking lot while wearing sandals. At least, it looks like this time Daly pulled off the trick on a golf course, during the day, and with him actually wearing golf shoes.

Still, you'd have to be pretty daring to let Daly try this, especially now. We assume this brave/crazy woman doesn't know he failed to break 90 in a PGA Tour event last month.

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