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Slow Play, cont'd

March 04, 2008

John Chansky of Framingham, Mass., writes on the game's and the tour's nemesis: slow play. He likes what he sees on the LPGA Tour. The PGA Tour not so much.

Once again the LPGA trumps the PGA and no one notices. Last year it was drug testing, this year it is slow play. A few weeks ago Angela Park gets penalized for slow play, on a Sunday afternoon. During the WGC final when there are only two players on the course Tiger is quoted "who are we holding up?" after being warned of slow play. When will the PGA Tour wake up and starting being a leader instead of a follower? Let's start by hitting the players with some penalties. The average golfer is watching these guys line up every little thing and I have to be behind this bozo on the course as he lines up a two footer for a double bogey.

John, you know that Tiger Woods has made noise about this. Recently, so have Jerry Kelly and Adam Scott, among others who think the hammer has to come down on the big tour.

"Everyone knows who [the slow players] are," Jerry Kelly said. "We need to single them out."

"People play way, way too slow," Scott said during the Indian Johnny Walker tournament. "They need to hurry up. They should start penalising people. Just penalise them."

You may not like the way they spell penalize in Australia, but they are willing to do it. Personally, I wouldn't care about how fast they play on tour, except the foursome that plays in front of me every weekend seems determined to play at exactly the same pace.

--Bob Carney