124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

RIP Apple Watch

Slice from wrong fairway shatters golfer's Apple Watch in ‘wild mishap’

The odds of smashing someone else’s Apple Watch with a shot from an adjacent fairway are somehow both 0% and 100%. Like, of course, you’re not going to slice it so poorly that Steve Jobs will roll over in his grave, but also, when you’re on the course, the worst possible scenario is never not in play.

That’s exactly what happened to this simultaneously lucky and unlucky Redditor/golfer who fortunately only lost a watch after an errant slice from another golfer tried to force him off the course. Thankfully, everyone’s okay except for the slicee, who had to pony up quite a bit of cash.

“RIP Apple Watch,” writes r/golf user Fromthe306tothe416. “Thank god my wrist is mostly ok. Another golfer maybe 30 yards away sliced his ball while on the wrong fairway and absolutely demolished my watch today… we exchanged info and he called me later and promised to pay for the replacement. Shit happens, but this was a wild mishap.

“Fairways were next to each other, the guys shot landed on adjacent fairway (where we were), I saw that he was playing back into his fairway, went way off to the side over a hill where I didn’t expect he could possibly hit. Was in my golf cart not worried and looking at my phone, suddenly heard a shattering noise and felt a fire in my wrist.”

The shot apparently shattered both the front and back screens, flattening the watch face. It also likely kept all of the golfers in a 20-mile radius on their toes for the rest of the round.

“A fire” in one’s wrist is certainly not the desired outcome of a day on the course, but from the sound of things (and the look of the watch), it could’ve been much, much worse.

With that said, we have to give a shoutout to the golfer who hit the brutal shot, too. Exchanging info and offering to pay for the watch is a hell of a move and a nice way to close the circle.

The top comment at least found the perfect silver lining to the entire saga: “Well at least you had a decent excuse for the rest of your round!”