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Golfer discovers grandpa's collection of vintage Masters badges, and even an Augusta National scorecard

If you’re perusing your grandparents' old keepsakes, the best you’ll usually find is a bunch of fountain pens, some magnets from random vacations and a few photos that look like they could be from a horror movie. Very rarely do you find sports memorabilia that could easily be the centerpiece of a golf museum, but again, not all of us have grandfathers that live in Augusta, GA.

One enterprising golfer recently went through their grandfather's stuff and came across some vintage Masters badges that need to be seen to be believed, especially the beautiful old holograph ones.

“I am staying with my grandfather who lives in Augusta and I randomly found these,” writes Redditor 1Sharky7. “I knew he had Masters tickets at one point but I have never seen these before. We don’t have them anymore, but after 1996 he would begin renting his house out for Masters week and being able to include two Masters tickets allowed him to charge a higher rate and attract some interesting renters.

“My favorite part about this find are the tickets from 92-94, I have seen holographics before but never of this quality and contrast. In the early 90’s this must have blown people's minds. The 1999 practice round was the last time my family went to the Masters (left me at home, my parents tell me it’s some stupid reason like me being 3 years old).”

That’s a tough break for a three-year-old but it seems like the family wanted to enjoy themselves and actually watch some golf. Golf over family, just in this one very rare instance.

The r/golf user went on to say that he’s planning to put them all together, in order to properly commemorate such valuable collectibles: “After laying them out like that I had a couple of ideas, arrange them how I had it and frame it on a green felt background, or buy an Augusta National Flag and arrange them around the flag on green felt.”

That’s all well and good, but somehow these aren’t even the most priceless Augusta keepsakes for this individual’s grandfather, if you can believe it.

Roughly a 15-or-so handicap at the time, the lucky devil got to play a round at the home of the Masters after a member invite in the early 1990s. He shot a 103, but he birdied 16 and went three over at Amen Corner. That’s quite the feat.

“When he talks about that round, he never talks about his 9 on 2, he always talks about birdieing 16 and just the experience of walking the course and the clubhouse facilities. It was an amazing experience for him.”

That’s a beautifully framed photo, bolstered with the day’s scorecard and even a treasured Augusta National pencil. He carded a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, which is somehow both mightily impressive and a bit mortifying. The man got to see all of Augusta National, which is what really matters.

This just goes to show you that the next time you’re rummaging through your family mementos, keep an eye out for any Augusta National antiques. You never know what you might find buried under those letters, photos and dusty books.