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Your big winter jacket is actually a great training aid

November 30, 2023
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Golf training aids don’t always have to be complex. Often, there are things around your house that you can use to improve your swing. You've probably heard of people pinning a towel under their armpit for better connectivity, or even putting their arms through a coat hanger to help your hands, arms and body work together in pitch shots – but what about using a big winter coat? Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher in America Erika Larkin says that if you struggle with too long of a swing, your big winter jacket can help you.

“Practice with it on to purposefully restrict yourself,” Larkin says. The added bulk of the jacket will make it harder for you to make a massive turn back with your arms and shoulders. “You won’t use your arms as much, you’ll stay wider and you’ll probably use your legs more,” Larkin says.

With the shortened arm movement on the way back, your arms won’t collapse, thus maintaining width. Less arm and shoulder movement can create space for more lower body movement. Width combined with more leg action is a recipe for more distance.

Hit some balls on the range or at a simulator with your big winter jacket on and you just might train yourself into a better swing and more distance.