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Sidney Crosby scored the goal of night, until a few hours later when Connor McDavid did

Philadelphia Flyers v Edmonton Oilers

Andy Devlin

Even though he's entering the end of his prime, you could still make the case that Sidney Crosby is currently the best hockey player in the world. If not, he's a close second to Connor McDavid, who is 10 years his junior. Both Crosby and McDavid looked like the best players in the world on Wednesday night, so we'll just call it a tie.

First, it was Crosby, whose Pittsburgh Penguins were playing the Colorado Avalanche at home on NBC Sports Network. Despite not having five of their top nine forwards due to injuries, Evgeni Malkin among them, the Pens still squeaked out an overtime victory against the Avs, who entered the game 5-0-0. After taking a 1-0 lead, Crosby tied it up with whatg at the time was easily the goal of the night in the NHL:

I mean, it's just silly. Did you even notice the part when he caught the puck and perfectly dropped it to himself? That was before he completely undressed a pair of Avs defensemen:

Oh yeah, and the patience to wait it out and then bury the backhand. Neat!

Of course, Crosby wasn't done making his mark on the game, later assisting on Pittsburgh's second goal, which was enough to get them to OT, where they won with a shorthanded goal, 3-2. Best player in the world? Best player in the world.

Wellll.... McDavid had something to say about that a few hours later, when his Edmonton Oilers faced off with the Philadelphia Flyers at home, also on NBCSN, Nice job by them to put the two best players in the game on back-to-back. Here was McDavid's goal, which unseated Crosby's as the goal of the night:

Unbelievable. How do you stop this?

McDavid added four assists (four!) in Edmonton's 6-3 victory, improving their record to 6-1-0. He now has 17 points in seven games, which puts him in some DECENT company:

Not a bad little group there, just surprised our boy Jagr isn't in it.