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Sidney Crosby is unfairly good at putting the puck in the net, part 414

Any time a player of Sidney Crosby's caliber fails to score a goal in over five games, people are going to wonder what the hell is going on. Especially when that stretch comes to begin the season, which automatically fires up the "What's wrong with Crosby"/"What's behind Crosby's slow start" take machine. But as anyone who watches hockey will tell you, all it takes is one to open the floodgates.

That appears to be what's happening for the three-time Stanley Cup champion following his absolutely ridiculous performance on Tuesday night in Edmonton, where he tallied his first two goals of the season, including this filthy OT game-winner:

Sick stuff. Only No. 87 could undress an entire franchise like that on its home ice. How did he follow up what someone already dubbed the greatest goal of his career (it honestly might be)? By scoring what's arguably an even more impressive goal on Thursday night, the first of NINE Penguins goals in a drubbing of the Calgary Flames:

Neat! Calgary should have known they were in for a long night after that one. Another angle to drool over:

Surprisingly, it was Crosby's only goal of the night, as he opted to assist on two others instead. He's now on 414 goals for his career and 1,126 total points as he continues to climb the ranks in the record books. I think I speak for all Rangers, Flyers, Devils, and pretty much any other fanbase Crosby has tortured that as painful as it has been to watch him dominate the league over the last decade, it's reached a point where all you can do is tip your cap.