Short Game

1 simple feel that will help you hit more crispy chip shots


Yoshimasa Nakano

Gina Umeck has a simple tip that could change your chipping forever. Umeck, a Golf Digest Best Teacher in Califonria, says that she sees too many amateurs treat chips like putts.

“I see the body is really still and the wrists moving the most,” Umeck says. “What you want is to reverse that: you want to move the body the most, and the wrists the least.”

The Key: Use your bigger muscles on small shots

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In the video above, you can see Umeck’s body release towards the target, hips rotate through the ball after impact, and the trailing heel comes up from the ground. That’s probably a lot more body action than you have in your current chipping technique.

The benefit is control: moving the bigger muscles of your body will make your impact more consistent. Relying on flipping your wrists at the ball is a tough way to chip, because the timing has to be so exact. Instead, move your body more, keep your wrists still, and you’ll see more consistency around the greens.