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SHOCKING: Tennessee player who retweeted someone making fun of his own team leaves the program

September 04, 2019
Kentucky v Tennessee

Donald Page

Last Saturday the Tennessee Volunteers, aka the New York Mets of college football, hit rock bottom for what felt like the 100th time in the last decade. But, much like the most recent Mets defeat, this one stung the hardest, a 38-30 loss at home to Georgia State, a team Tennessee paid nearly $1 million to come into Neyland Stadium and beat their ass. Florida and Alabama fans both promptly filed it under "things you hate to see."

What they must have really hated seeing was a member of the Tennessee football program, Jordan Murphy, retweeting a tweet that made fun of ... yup, you guessed it, his own team! How stuff like this continues to happen is mind-bottling, but that's another discussion for another day. For those who missed it, since Murphy obviously deleted it, here was the original, hilarious tweet:

It was so hilarious that Murphy couldn't help himself, quote-tweeting it and saying "man y'all can't tell me this ain't funny." No, really, he did!

I'd ask how he came to the conclusion that this would be a good idea, but this is a guy that chose to play football at Tennessee. ZING!

Well, folks, are you sitting down? I have some shocking news. Murphy has "left the program," according to multiple reports. I simply cannot believe it.

"He’s no longer on our team. Jordan Murphy’s no longer on our team," Pruitt said during an SEC teleconference. "There’s several guys that have chose to leave, and they’re not here anymore."

Chose to leave sounds like a bit of a stretch here. Asked to GTFO would be much more believable. Either way, the dumpster fire in Knoxville continues to burn, and the SEC haters understandably can't get enough. Next up for the Vols? BYU at home on Saturday night, followed by Chattanooga at home as well. After that it goes @Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State and @Alabama ....