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Seven pictures you need to take to prove to your friends you went to the Masters

April 11, 2019

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Congratulations, you've made it to the Masters. How do you commemorate the occasion? By rubbing it in as best you can.

It's not enough to buy a Masters hat and regale everyone with stories of green jackets and pimento cheese sandwiches. You need to milk Augusta National for all it's worth. More important, you need everyone to see you did as well.

With that in mind, no Masters experience is complete without the following photographic evidence.

1. You in front of the massive scoreboard.


2. You in front of the clubhouse.


3. You in front of the big, old oak tree outside the clubhouse.


4. You at Amen Corner.


5. You at the end of Magnolia Lane.


6. You under a directions sign.


7. You eating a pimento cheese sandwich.__


Put it all together and your friends are sure to be burning with envy. They might not ever talk to you again, but with pictures like these, you're bound to get new friends!

Photo credit: Hally Leadbetter; Model: Meredith Bausback)