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Sean Payton hit a recovery shot off a boat that would make Phil Mickelson jealous

July 15, 2019

Tony Romo successfully defended his title at the American Century Championship, but Sean Payton hit the most memorable shot of the week at Lake Tahoe. And it wasn't even on dry land.

On Sunday, the New Orleans Saints head coach managed to hit his golf ball onto a boat. Then, much more impressively, managed to hit his ball off said boat and back onto the course. Check it out:

And here's an angle from someone who was on the boat that was crazy enough to risk a divot in the vessel:

Phil Mickelson would be proud. Phil also would probably be jealous. How often do you get to hit a shot off a boat during a tournament?

Payton finished -20 for the event and no, the format wasn't stroke play, but modified stableford so -20 is not good. Payton wound up T-64 out of the field of 90 celebrities—but No. 1 in golf fans' hearts for displaying that kind of grit.