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Scott McCarron on PGA Tour Champions life, his spontaneous mid-tournament wedding, and that controversial putting stroke

November 26, 2019

In a moment that seemed to perfectly encapsulate the PGA Tour Champions, Scott McCarron and Jeff Maggert, red wine in hand, hugged each other upon the conclusion of the season finale. Maggert had just won the tournament in thrilling fashion to give his buddy the year-long Charles Schwab Cup. It was a feel-good scene, but considering the seemingly relaxed vibe on the senior circuit, not one that came as a surprise.

McCarron, though, assured us that the competition is still fierce among the 50-and-older crowd.

"Don't get me wrong, yes, we're friends, we go to dinner, we have a glass of wine every now and then, but when we're playing, we want to beat each other's brains in because it's in our DNA," McCarron said. "We've been doing it against each other for 30 years."

McCarron joined this week's Golf Digest Podcast to discuss life on the PGA Tour Champions and the big title—and big annuity—he recently won. A three-time PGA Tour winner, the 54-year-old also discussed why he feels some golfers like himself thrive in this second phase of his career. We also discussed the brief detour he took before beginning that career, the time he spontaneously got married during a PGA Tour Champions event, and his controversial, but legal putting stroke.

Plus, Ryan Herrington and Keely Levins joined me to discuss Brendon Todd-mania, the biggest prize in LPGA history, and our golf turkeys of the year. Please have a listen: