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Saquon Barkley has Tiger Woods's biceps for thighs

Saquon Barkley is an NFL running back, in case you hadn't noticed or heard. He runs headfirst into other human beings for a living, does horrifying things in the weight room for fun, and when he rolls up to the ol' CC for a quick 18 between two-a-days, he strikes the fear of god into club pros and weekend warriors alike. Don't take our word for it though—just open your unworthy eyes and bear witness to thy thigher power.

You want to talk about having a strong core and a stable foundation? This man is built like the freaking Hoover Dam. He looks like The Rock doing a handstand. His quads are having what Tiger's biceps are having and don't even start with the whole no-glove thing, because the last time he wore one, he clenched his fist and it exploded off, tore through ozone layer, and killed a satellite. Now penguins homes are melting and your DirectTV won't work.

Now, we don't know if he can crack 85, but to be honest, we don't care. In fact it's probably better for everyone if he sucks, lest he duck hook one into the gallery at the AT&T next year and take someone's loving father and husband from this earth. We are simply here to admire the fine Grecian sculpture and remind you, junior golfers of America and beyond, to never, no matter how tough the going gets, skip leg day.