We're Not Crying

Good luck not crying watching Ryan Miller hug his parents after his final NHL game

We may be a few days late on this one, but it's never too late to go through an entire box of tissues as you bawl your eyes out over a heartwarming sports moment.

On Saturday night, legendary NHL goaltender Ryan Miller called it a career in Minnesota following a tough 4-3 loss in overtime. He finished with 796 games played and 391 wins, the most ever for an American-born goalie. He spent the bulk of his career in Buffalo (11 seasons), then made stops in St. Louis, Vancouver and Anaheim. Most famously, though, he was between the pipes for the United States at the 2010 Olympics, where Team USA took home silver. 

It was a long, accomplished and full career, the gravity of which could be seen on Miller's face as he spoke to his parents following his final game on Saturday night. We defy you not to tear up while watching this one. Good grief:

Many pro athletes talk about knowing/feeling when it's the right time to step away, but it's still not possible to prepare for that moment. That's exactly what you can see here with Miller, who morphs into a kid again when he realizes it's over, and all he wants is to hug mom and dad. Man, that is brutal. 

Luckily, Miller got an awesome send off in Minnesota, one fitted for a legend:

Special stuff. What a career. Time to go cry now.