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Remember Rush Propst of MTV's 'Two-A-Days' fame? Yeah, he's in trouble for the one billionth time

February 24, 2021

If you grew up in the early-to-mid 2000s, chances are you watched a lot of MTV, which was a thing back then (trust me). If you watched a lot of MTV, chances are you watched "Two-A-Days," the reality series that chronicled the lives teens at Hoover High School in Hoover, Alabama.

The show mainly focused on the Hoover high football team, the Buccaneers, who were a juggernaut at the time, having won four straight state championships. The show was essentially "Hard Knocks" for a high school team, only far more intense thanks to the show-stealer Rush Propst, Hoover's head coach.

The best way to describe Propst is that he was quite literally Jon Voight's character from "Varsity Blues," only he wasn't a character, he was a real person coaching real teenagers. He was the hardest of hard asses, which yielded some of the great quotes and clips that would have exploded in today's Twitter era. "Come sundee" is a personal favorite:

"How tuff yar?" was another iconic moment:

Anyway, despite producing A+ results on the field, Propst didn't last much longer after this series due to a number of off-the-field issues. First, he got in trouble for allegedly altered certain players' grades so that they'd be eligible for college scholarships, in addition to using inelgible players in games. Second, it was later found out he had a number of extramarital affairs, and even had a second family with multiple children.

Propst resigned at Hoover in 2007, then was hired in 2008 at Colquitt County High School in Georgia. He spent a decade there, and during his tenure was once suspended an entire season for headbutting a player:

Probst coached two more seasons at Colquitt before being relieved of his duties in 2018 for a number of violations of the schools Code of Ethics, including giving pills to students. Two years later, he was somehow hired again Valdosta High School in Georgia, one of the winningest high school football programs in the country. In a stunning turn of events, Probst is already in hot water there as well:

Absolute stunner, folks. Did the people who hired him at Valdosta do a lick of research before hiring him? The Google search bar is your friend, guys. No wonder this immensely successful football coach has never gotten past the high school level.