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To Hell With 'Em

In the least surprising news ever, Alex Smith says the Washington Football Team wanted nothing to do with him last season

February 24, 2021

Nic Antaya

Alex Smith is one of the greatest comeback stories in NFL history. No quantifier. No qualifier. He is the most moving against-all-odds football yarn since Rudy, and he didn’t need a Hollywood blockbuster to make it dramatic (though we’re sure that’s coming.) After nearly losing his leg and his life and being out of football for almost two years, Alex Smith, to the raised eyebrow of just about everybody, made another go of it this season. By October, he had fought his way to the starting job from third string, eventually leading the Washington Football Team to the playoffs with wins in five straight starts between Thanksgiving and New Years. But according to Smith in a recent interview with GQ, if the Washington Football Team had their way, none of it would have ever happened.

We’d say we’re surprised, but then again this is the worst non-Texans organization in football run by a man who insists on full-grown adults calling him Mr. Snyder while presiding over the creepiest, ickiest cesspool in the NFL. When it comes to the Washington Football Team, nothing is surprising. What is unexpected, however, is Smith’s absolute transparency on his relationship with the franchise. Football is a team sport. Guys regularly give credit for their own successes to others, even if deep down they know they deserve it themselves. It’s like thanking your sponsors in NASCAR victory lane. It’s just a thing you do. But Smith has gone on the record and said precisely the opposite, even dropping an f-bomb or two for emphasis. You unironically love to see it.

So say what you about this one (lord knows the Twitter trolls already are), but you have to admire the honesty, even if it does suggest that Smith’s time in Washington is done and dusted. Bridge effectively torched. Hopefully it doesn’t mean Smith’s NFL tenure is over, however. There’s an old buddy down in Jacksonville now who might be looking for a mentor for his shiny first overall pick. Just saying . . .