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__I don't consider myself an offensive guy. I am just a harmless lovable little fuzzball. Rush Limbaugh


We continue to get letters and comments on the Limbaugh interview. "Californian" points out my error in saying the pro-Limbaugh lobby is completely silent. There was one one defender. But the tide is heartily anti-Rush, or anti-us for interviewing him:

You shanked a shot into the hazard with > Rush Limbaugh's interview. I thought golf was about fair play and sticking to the rules, neither of which Limbaugh does when it suits his purposes. Are professional and country club republican elites the only real golfers? Are democrats hackers not worthy of even public courses? Support golf's beauty and integrity by keeping divisive, trouble-making, hypocritical windbags where they belong, out of bounds.

That's Dwight Nickerson of Saratoga, California. Dwight, clever turns of phrase will get you nowhere on this blog. Our choice of Rush for Final Exam was simply proof that we like to see all of the golf course, even the right side, where wind (and windbags) will occasionally blow our left-leaning tee balls into the, eh, elephant grass.

--Bob Carney