Rory McIlroy shares first look at TGL “clubhouse” locker rooms

November 06, 2023

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods’ bleeding edge TGL golf league is fast approaching. Rosters are set, formats and rules are starting to crystallize and, yes, even the locker rooms are ready. That’s right, despite being a golf league without any physical golf course, the TGL has its own actual clubhouse, with lockers customized for each the league’s five teams. On Monday, McIlroy, a member of the Fenway Sports Group-owned Boston Common Golf, shared a glimpse of the quartet’s locker room setup, and safe to say, it’s looking fresh.

It ain’t always easy being green, however, and the Twitter peanut gallery quickly made their feelings about the new digs heard …

For now we’ll let the haters hate and withhold our judgement for January, but one thing is already certain:

These sure beat the locker rooms at the old Gahden.