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Rory McIlroy responds to Tiger Woods' video by (jokingly) knocking his fitness

February 24, 2016

Tiger Woods' surprise swing video on Wednesday caused plenty of reactions, from the over-excited ("He's back!!!") to the over-the-top ("It's a stunt double!"). But Rory McIlroy provided the best take of anyone by taking a playful dig at his friend:

Ouch. . . Although, McIlroy has a point. It does look like Woods has been skipping "leg day" in the gym of late. Then again, who knows how many days Woods has even been able to go to the gym while recovering from two off-season back surgeries. Geez, lay off him, Rors! And have you been working out much lately? Oh. Right. Never mind.

In any matter, it's good to see Tiger on his feet, and it's good to see he and Rory are still friends. Let's just hope the next time they're exchanging zingers like this, it's on the course.