Apocalypse Casual

Rihanna’s motocross-themed NYFW collection is the most ridiculous “clothing” of the week

September 11, 2017
FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Spring/Summer 2018 Collection - Runway + Atmosphere
Brian Ach

The year is 2017. America is ruled by a dystopian police state dubbed Freedom. Curfew is sundown, love is a crime, and the judicial system has become a reality TV gameshow from which not even Arnold Schwarzenegger can save us. Yet out of the darkness rides the one they call Rihanna—prophet, pop star, resistance leader. Bedecked in nylon and astride a dirt bike made of barbed wire, she is all that is left of hope, raining justice down up on the eclipse-blinded aristocracy come hell or the disastrously high waters they have relentlessly condemned as myth…

Or so goes what I assume was the elevator pitch for Rihanna’s completely, comprehensively, unabashedly absurd motocross-inspired FENTY PUMA fashion line, which debuted at New York Fashion Week at some hour way past my bedtime on Sunday night. Making Mugatu’s Derelicte Campaign™ look like a J. Crew catalog, the S/S (that means Spring/Summer, like, omg) 2018 collection combines holeshot-ready athletic wear with Moonraker-goon chic for one of the most retina-searing statements of NYFW thus far. So want to get a glimpse of what you and the squad will be rocking as apocalypse closes in on all sides, wielding riot batons like gavels? Good, here’s some pictures.

JP Yim
Bryan Bedder
JP Yim
JP Yim
JP Yim
JP Yim

Oh, and remember. Stay strong. Be vigilant. Vive la Rihanna.


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