Rickie Fowler's play date with Dash Day is the cutest thing you'll see today

June 15, 2016

Everything about a U.S. Open week -- especially one at Oakmont -- seems so serious. The greens are so fast! The rough is so thick! The USGA doesn't even let us drink water on the course!

OK, that last one is made up, but you get the point. It's not exactly the most fun week for the world's best golfers on the course. But off the course? That's a different story.

We were delighted to see Rickie Fowler add a bit of levity to the week by sharing his play date with Dash Day. Dash, of course, is the son of World No. 1 Jason Day, and the kid with the best odds of making his way onto Oakmont's 18th green on Sunday. But on Tuesday, both he and Fowler were more concerned with playing telephone and rolling each other around in a giant inflatable soccer ball. Check it out:

The biggest question we had after watching that is whether the Days travelled with all those toys or did some serious scouting when renting a house for the week. Either way, Dash -- and Rickie -- certainly aren't complaining.