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Rex Ryan daggers himself over his foot fetish on live television, remains the man

File this under things I did NOT think I'd be writing about when I chose journalism as a major in college.

Thanks to Antonio Brown's rough experience with cryotherapy, feet are a big topic of discussion in the NFL. Sure, it's disgusting (we do not recommend Googling photos of Brown's frostbitten feet) but it's been a huge story this preseason, as Brown missed time at Raiders camp due to the gruesome-looking injury. Fortunately he's healing up nicely, and it sounds like he's ready to return to being a full practice participant next week.

But Brown's feet returning to 100 percent did not stop ESPN's "Get Up" panel from continuing to discuss feet during a live segment Friday morning, only it wasn't Brown's feet they were talking about. Apparently, just before the clip you are about to see below, former NFL linebacker Bobby Carpenter was explaining that during his career he would have his toenails removed before each season because of all the wear and tear on them. Instead, he'd allow them to just grow in throughout the year. Pretty gross!

By some miracle from the content gods, Rex Ryan happened to be a part of this live television discussion. Sexy Rexy, as many NFL fans are well aware, is a big feet guy, a vomit-inducing fact that came to light while he was head coach of the New York Jets. A video of Ryan, um, worshipping (puke) his wife's feet went viral late in the 2010 season, naturally causing a stir in the always calm, cool and collected New York media. We're happy to report that almost a decade later, Ryan is able to joke about it:

This is why Rex Ryan will forever be the man. At the time the video had gone public, Ryan dismissed it as a personal matter (it's VERY personal) and did not seemed thrilled to be talking about it in the middle of a season. But he's the type of guy who doesn't take himself too seriously, which is why he's able to laugh it off all these years later. If you don't like Rex Ryan, you're a complete hardo. Take it away, Wes!