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Report: Tiger Woods has been hitting drivers

February 26, 2016

For the doubters and conspiracy theorists regarding Tiger Woods' surprise Wednesday video, apparently, Woods has taken more than one swing. And he hasn't just been chipping and hitting 9-irons like in that quick clip. Golf Digest's Tim Rosaforte reported Woods also has been hitting drivers and that "he's further along in his recovery than we were led to believe."

Rosaforte says a trusted source told him Woods was actually hitting drivers at the end of last week. "Not full speed, but that he was hitting driver," Rosaforte said. However, Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg wouldn't comment on whether his client had been hitting drivers.

"Tiger gave his update yesterday," Steinberg told Rosaforte.

On Wednesday, Steinberg acknowledged that the Woods video was a response to rumors that Woods had suffered a setback in his recovery from two off-season back surgeries. Woods was also in attendance at a Ryder Cup team gathering at Jack Nicklaus' house on Thursday night. Watch the full report here.