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Renewing that Golf World Subscription

March 06, 2009

Let's end the week with a kindly letter for a Maryland reader on Ron Sirak's appreciation of Betty Jameson, the LPGA Founder and Hall of Famer who passed on last month, in Golf World.


Dear Editor,>

Because I receive too many magazines, I am in the process of cancelling a number of subscriptions. I must admit to you that I had planned to let my subscription to Golf World lapse this spring. Then, I read Ron Sirak's "Opinion" piece, titled "Jameson, LPGA pioneers set an enduring example." I am a huge fan of the LPGA for the same reasons as Mr. Sirak: because the players move "comfortably among us" and because they are approachable, friendly, and just plain nice. Beyond agreeing with me on the difference between the LPGA and the PGA, the article awoke me to the fact that yours is, by far, the most informative and interesting of all golf publications. I've renewed my subscription.>

Charles O. Heller>

Arnold, MD >


Dear Charles: Thank you for your letter. In these turbulent economic times, one could argue that it's a patriotic act to spend money and a downright saintly one to subscribe to a magazine. Ron's reporting on the LPGA, among many other things, is worthy of your investment. We appreciate your support.

--Bob Carney