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Rejoice for Friday is "National 4pm Finish Day"

September 13, 2018
Hand showing victory sign in front of a clock, at five p.m.

Melinda Podor

Hashtag holidays are usually pretty stupid—flimsy excuses to slug down margaritas and/or flood your bros' feeds with kitten gifs, as if you're not doing that already. The world already had plenty of holidays to keep up with, we really didn't need National Ambidextrous Mint Chocolate Chip Lovers Day or whatever. But this is 2018 and we all need to find happiness wherever the hell we can, and this week that means knocking off an hour early to celebrate...National 4pm Finish Day!?


Doing little to ease our concerns about these "holidays" being strictly designed to move product, National 4pm Finish Day is the brainchild of heart arrhythmia purveyors Red Bull, who want you to use that extra hour (or two, because NYC) to "Grab a Red Bull, smash through your work and then get down to more important business, like enjoying the weekend." If you use those 60 minutes to buy a mountain bike and a Jeep, then kudos, you're really getting into the festive spirit, brah.

So how do you get your boss onboard with National 4pm Finish Day? Well, short of slipping them a mickey or setting their clock ahead one hour while they're in the bathroom, you're probably not going to. It can't hurt to Slack them the sing-up page, however. Worst case scenario, you'll end up free at 4pm every day, which, to be totally honest, doesn't sound that bad.