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Rejoice, everyone! James Holzhauer is about to return to Jeopardy!

October 23, 2019

After a rough couple days in which my New York Yankees lose in heartbreaking fashion, my New York Giants lose in embarrassing fashion, and my fantasy football team lose in excruciating fashion (NOW Sony Michel has a big game after I sub him out?!), I was in desperate need of a pick me up. And something to watch on TV other than sports since I'm not exactly fired up for another pathetic season by my New York Knicks. Thank goodness James Holzhauer's impeccable timing extends beyond buzzing in.

The man who made Jeopardy! the most must-see TV event since David Blaine's last special (Where is that dude, by the way? Did he finally fall victim to one of his tricks? Man, I love me some David Blaine. . . ) is returning for the show's annual Tournament of Champions, which starts Nov. 4. In other words, Jeopardy James is back! YES!

Here's the promo video that James shared on Twitter. The best part is how he's treated in the clip like he's just your average returning champ. Meanwhile, he spent so much time on the show's set that he's basically part of Alex Trebek's extended family. Speaking of Trebek, the popular host has kept a positive attitude throughout his battle with pancreatic cancer. The return of his most famous contestant (sorry, Ken Jennings) won't hurt when it comes to lifting his spirits. Anyway, here's the clip:

I almost feel bad for the other contestants because they have no chance. Even Emily Boettcher, the woman who stopped James' incredible 32-game winning streak in which he racked up nearly $2.5 million in earnings, is toast. I've been praying to the game show gods to let James have another crack at her and now it's nearly here. Forget about sports, that's the match-up I want to see. Now does anyone have any other TV recommendations for the next two weeks?