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Reggie Bush on saving golf fashion and the most special thing about getting his Heisman Trophy back


Tim Heitman

When USC legend Reggie Bush first got into golf, he couldn't help but notice something. The fashion sense among the folks he played with was seriously, seriously lacking.

Rather than just be critical of everybody else's style, Bush decided to do something about it, leading to a partnership with well-known golf apparel brand TravisMathew. The former NFL All-Pro now has his own "Reggie Bush Collection," a dream come true for a guy who loves golf and has always wanted to design his own stuff.

"I've always felt I've had just a sense of fashion that at some point in time, once I got an opportunity, I'd be able to design some pretty cool things," Bush told us on The Loop podcast. "And with my love for golf and obviously TravisMathew's love for golf, it just started organically."

The partnership couldn't have come at the more perfect time, too, as Bush finally received the Heisman Trophy he rightfully won in 2005 but had taken from him due to allegations that he had received gifts in violation of NCAA policies. Given how the college sports landscape has dramatically changed since, it became more and more absurd by the year that Bush continued to be punished for these so-called violations. 

This past April, after 14 long years, Bush finally got his trophy back, the Heisman Trust announcing the formal reinstatement amid what it called "enormous changes in the college football landscape." Common sense ultimately prevailed. 

While golf and golf fashion was mostly the focus of our chat with Bush, we did ask him what it meant to get his hands back on one of the most iconic trophies in sports. 

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