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Random guy keeps sending recent PGA Tour winner snail mail offering his swing advice, and the letters are electric

Wyndham Championship - Final Round

(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

J.T. Poston just had the best season of his life—winning the Wyndham Championship earlier this month for his first PGA Tour victory. It's tough to say many golfers in the world are playing better than Poston over the past couple of weeks. But one random guy, who continues to flood Poston's mailbox with letters, might beg to differ.

Poston, the 26-year-old North Carolina native, shared a letter he received from a random guy, offering to give Poston swing advice. As he says in the letter "good is not enough." This guy has a tough bar for success!

We'll give this guy a slight benefit of the doubt, being that he penned this note—the second one in a 10-day span, mind you—before Poston took home the title in early August at Sedgefield Country Club. But it was obvious Poston was trending upward, having finished in the top-25 on the PGA Tour seven times prior to his victory.

But apparently this guy felt Poston was wasting his talent, and he felt he was qualified enough to provide some advice:

Amazing. Despite having a circular swing that this man describes, Poston managed to defeat a field of world-class PGA Tour players at the Wyndham Championship with a dominant Sunday, punctuated by a 62. In fact, Poston went bogey-free the entire week, the only tour winner to do so this year.

But to the gentleman above ... "good is not enough." Sorry, guy, but Poston was better than good; he was other-worldly for a week in North Carolina. This guy didn't see it coming!

Here's the first letter sent to Poston, less than 10 days before:

Incredible how that Einstein quote about insanity and repeating the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, couldn't have turned on this guy more.

We're impressed by a number of things about this whole thing: A) The fact this gentleman felt so compelled by Poston's talent to write him a letter. B) How he was able to locate Poston's address to get this piece of snail mail to Poston. C) The actual audacity of some random guy to think Poston, a talented player in his second full season on the PGA Tour, doesn't have the right team around him (which he obviously did). D) The writing skills and formatting of this guy. Line breaks for dramatic effect are very impressive. Almost as it was a poetry slam, and he was setting up to roast him outloud.

And E) In the first letter, this guy signed the note "Golfingly Yours." We are stealing that and signing every email we send until the end of time like that.

Strong content from Poston. It's obvious the recent PGA Tour winner has a strong sense of humor, sharing this with the world.

Another recent PGA Tour winner, Max Homa, replied to Poston—apparently he got two letters from this same guy. And Homa earned his first PGA Tour win this season as well, taking home the Wells Fargo Championship at North Carolina's Quail Hollow Club.

Players without a tour win might be hoping they get a letter from this guy now . . . it turns out, it might lead to big things!