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Rams run safe QB sacking drill, Ndamukong Suh responds by punching tackling dummy into next week

One of if not the biggest storylines in the early part of this NFL season is the new roughing the passer penalty. Like all things with the NFL, it's incredibly confusing, a poorly-worded and even more poorly executed rule that has caused nothing but controversy so far. See exhibit no. 1 million from Thursday night's Patriots-Colts game, in which Andrew Luck gets slammed to the turf by two New England defensive lineman who appear to be "putting their body weight" on him just like the new rule stats, but gets no call. Meanwhile, Tom Brady's precious little head was grazed by an Indianapolis linebacker and that was called:

Ok, then.

Because of these questionable calls and their laughable explanations, teams have to try to figure out the best way to sack the quarterback without getting flagged, as impossible as that now seems. The L.A. Rams, a team with one of the most vicious defensive lines in the league, were filmed running a drill on Thursday that taught players how to properly sack QBs. Naturally, Ndamukong Suh was having absolutely none of that, instead opting to falcon-punch the tackling dummy into next week:

Suh has never shied away from his stance that he despises quarterbacks, and his history would suggest he actually does want to inflict pain on them by any means necessary. This probably wouldn't be the smartest move of his career to pull out mid game, but the man has never met a fine he wouldn't pay.