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Chris Conte hilariously pokes fun at himself three days after getting stiff-armed into oblivion

September 28, 2018

Remember Chris Conte? Of course you do, he was the guy that got murdered on Monday Night Football this week. He's in a better place now. Rest in peace, friend:

OK, so he didn't really die, it was just an internet murder, a common occurrence for those who get embarrassed like Conte did on national television. Even worse, everyone immediately brought up the first time it happened to him a few years back against the Buffalo Bills when Conte was still in Chicago. So he had to relive his first stiff-arm-induced death all over again:

Way to kick a man while he's literally down, like six feet under down, everyone. Real nice. To add injury to insult, Conte left Monday night's game against Pittsburgh right after Vance McDonald planted him into the turf. Some folks promptly suggested it was his only option considering what he had just gone through. Little did they know the man was battling through a torn PCL:

After three days of seeing all the headlines, the GIFs, the jokes, Conte made one of the savviest moves you can make before Thursday night's game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Rams. The Bucs safety hadn't sent a tweet since April, perhaps because he was saving his best for when he needed it in a big spot:

Genius move. Nothing smarter than poking fun at yourself to beat the haters at their own game. Good stuff Chris, and we wish you a speedy recovery. When you get back though, maybe start tackling guys a bit lower.