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Q School Pressure

December 07, 2008

Michelle Wie and Harrison Frazar seemed to have overcome the pressure, but Golf World reader "Coleman" thinks that televising these Q Schools is too much.


It seems to me that this should not be on television. These guys don't need the added pressure of a camera in their faces as their dreams and livelihoods are flashing before their eyes in this unequaled pressure cooker. It seems to me this is done to fill a gap in the fall schedule, read "no sponsor money coming into the PGA this weekend." Watching this equates to the natural fascination with a train wreck or the crash of a race car. Golf, as a sport, should be above this.


Golf, as a sport, is above it. But golf as a business, which is what these guys are trying to latch onto, is not. The whole idea is to play well enough now and well enough later to get on television, no?

--Bob Carney