PXG New Releases for 2024


Looking to learn what you need to know about the latest new products from PXG? These handy thumbnails will keep you up to date on the company's new releases across all club and ball catetgories.


0317X Driving Iron. The company’s latest driving iron features a body and hosel that are three times forged from 8620 carbon steel and robotically polished. An ultra-thin (1.55 millimeters) face insert fronts the hollow-body design, which is supported by the same polymer filling as PXG’s 0311 GEN6 irons. Known as XCOR2 and originally debuting in the GEN5 irons, it is the way the injection-molded resin and thin face work together that maximizes energy transfer, said Brad Schweigert, company chief product officer. “The way our face structure is and how it interacts with the XCOR2 material creates a more consistent response over a bigger area,” he said. “So, you basically get a wider sweet spot, and then having it thinner expands that even further. So we're getting better energy transfer and better speed for a wider area of the face.” The milled face on the 18-degree driving iron is fractionally thicker on the 0317X than on the 0311 irons for a tour-preferred feel, while the taller face height and longer blade length provide forgiveness and speed. Meanwhile, the back of the iron also is CNC milled for precision and weight savings. An adjustable back weight provides options during a fitting session. $180, 40.125-inch shaft